Take Me Back in Time

Why do people love going back and looking at pictures they took weeks, months, years ago? They help us relive those moments where we were happy, moments we treasured and that is why we took a snapshot of that moment in time. I’ve never understood people who didn’t like taking pictures or thought that it was stupid and has nothing to do with being happy in the moment. “It just needs to go up on Instagram”, – they say (well, hello, that too!).

But there is so much more to an act of taking a picture than just the excitement to capture the moment. One would say it’s an art form. And he will be right. Another would say it’s for the relatives that are far away. And he will be more than right too. Somebody else would say that he would like to share this moment with someone and would be right alike. Memories fade and often we begin to forget the time when we were happy/excited/emotional.

When I’m home sick I like to go back in time by looking at the shots I took when I was in Moscow last summer.

ImageWhen i miss a friend, I like to look at the picture of both of us embracing and it makes me feel the love and support. And I know once again that she is with me even when the ocean separates us.

ImageWhen my short term memory loss kicks in and I forget when was the last time I went to Whistler, I like to go back to my pictures and remind myself of the wind on the mountains, delicious food and amazing times with friends.


Pictures help us to not forget, to remember, to relive those moments that made us happy in the past, to share them with others. You can’t preserve happiness they say, but, hey, at least you can preserve that one moment that made you happy and this will fuel you up for even more of these moments to come, fuel you up for your future happiness. For more and more pictures.