Single vs. In a Relationship


Be in a relationship in your twenties or stay single? I know for a fact that this question crosses every twenty-something mind daily. And mine is not an exception.

Why does this question even arise in the first place? Aren’t you supposed to go with the flow and not overthink things that happen with you while you live? Apparently, human mind does not work that way. Not mentioning, female mind.

I wonder if the society doesn’t put these constraints on our minds, would things be different?

As a human being we depend (oh so much) on society’s opinion and approval. So called social support. That is why one is staying with a boyfriend who doesn’t treat her right and to whom she has long lost all her feelings. Because society tells her that it looks better to have someone (anyone) than to be alone and “miserable”. Or another scenario.. One is single because she doesn’t want to miss out on all the “fun” in her twenties. Society tells her she shouldn’t waste her young years on being tied down in a relationship.

Wow. Let’s take a breath here. What a bullshit. It’s sad that these notions still exist and poison young minds every day, every minute.

We can’t live without social support but are all those “opinions” really our support? All societal whispers aside, what makes you happy?

Your twenties IS the time to be with the right person, it IS the time to start planning your career and life and not going out drinking every night. Let’s break it down here. Loving partner is worth so much more than the endless one-time hook-ups which clearly are the cry for affection and the feeling of love. Why would you waste your “freedom” on being addicted to this fake type of belonging to someone? Are you really free?

Loving partner is the one who also does not “tie you down”. He lifts you up, expanding your freedom beyond the borders you’ve put up for yourself. He empowers and supports you, and vice versa. And what is better than to have that in your twenties, the first few years when you’re out in the adult sea by yourself?

So answering the question posed in the beginning. Be in a relationship, but make sure it’s the right one for you. The one that makes you more free than ever before, the one that takes you higher and remains that “social support” along the way. In the end, it’s up to you to stay “forever young” well into your 40s.