New York in Three Days | Day One

I’ve started one of my first solo trips the very “Sasha” way: without any sense of direction  (which developed significantly towards the end of the trip). I blame it on a completely new city and no internet (ouch).



It might be insanely hot and humid in NYC in the summertime, but as soon as you enter a coffee shop, a store or a subway train your brain is going to freeze. The air conditioning is working more like a refrigerator, so be smart and pack a light jacket with you when you are out and about in the city.


Just a shout out to my saviour. Thank you, Starbucks, for always being there for me when I needed a washroom break and a dose of the world wide web. Sincerely, Sasha. Check my Instagram adventures at @sash_ru.

Broadway | 5th Ave | Rockefeller

If you ask me to describe New York in one word, there is just one that comes to mind – CRAZY.

Crazy smells – one of my new friends referred to the NYC streets’ smell as “garbage and something”, there is always “…and something.” He could not have been more accurate. It can be “garbage and pee”, “garbage and food trucks”, “garbage and rain”, “garbage and weed”… you name it! 

Crazy people – coming from Vancouver I am used to multiculturalism, so the diversity of NYC was nicely familiar; especially walking through SoHo that feels like Gastown. The only difference is that NYC residents are crazy personalities. Loud, extravagant, day-drunk, all sorts of crazy. My love for people-watching was fulfilled. 

Crazy noise – born and raised in Moscow, I thought I knew what noise was, but nothing can compare to NYC’s streets. Manhattan never sleeps and you won’t be able too either. Feels like even the crazy amount of billboards, shops, and advertisements produce some sort of  buzzing sound. There is always something to do, everything is open till late and every corner hides another gem. 


Central Park

Central Park is indeed a green island in the middle of the megapolis. I found it so weird but cool at the same time. There is a very good view on it from the top of the Rockefeller Center (not your typical observation deck, highly recommend). Having passed all Broadway I was ready for some quiet time and the Park provided it. As soon as you enter it’s premises, the buzzing almost stops and you indulge in the greenness and squirrels. Yes, squirrels, are almost pets. They will come running to you, if you call, assuming you have treats. 


Stay tuned for Day 2.