Why Travel?



Everyone is always talking about traveling and exploring the world. But have you ever wondered why that is? Why do people always try to leave their warm nest and go out exploring something unknown? There is a certain kind of thrill to it, sure, but what is the purpose? I am going to share my reason for the love of traveling and exploring. See if some of you resonate…

I am originally from Russia and having moved to Vancouver to continue my education, I got a travel bug. The move opened my eyes to the differences and similarities that exist between people across the globe. I became more tolerant towards diverse nationalities realizing that the backgrounds may drastically vary, yet you’d be surprised how many common traditions still exist.

This sudden change from a homogeneous nation to a splash of multiculturalism defined and strengthened my love for traveling. After moving to a different country you find it so much easier to just take off and go on a new adventure to a new city or country. What is the worst that can happen? Anything, really, will be just another experience.

The reason I love traveling ties closely with what kind of person I am. After graduating high school nothing was set in stone with my future, however I knew that my profession would certainly involve people and communication. I get excited meeting new people, talking to them, watching how they behave and react to certain things, finding out their story. Some find it weird at times that I enjoy “different”, unordinary people. It’s like they’re holding a magnet and I am made of steel. I am genuinely interested in cracking them open and am grateful for the fact that they usually do open up with me. Thank you, people. I do love you.

Nothing is more fascinating than a human being, and through traveling you get to cross paths with so many of them. My favourite thing to do in a new city is to wander. By strolling through the streets you not only absorb the infrastructure of the city but you also get to experience the atmosphere in which people live. How do they dress here? Do women wear heels, because their city is a fashion capital or their culture “requires” them to? Or do people care less about their appearance and just wear what’s comfortable? Which shops are their “go tos”? How do they spend their free time? And hundreds more questions that can be asked to dive deeper into the city’s lifestyle. After all, city lives through the people that live in it. Try taking out the people, say, from the streets of New York… How much the city will change!

Without observing the city in the context of it’s citizens, it’s harder to appreciate and “get” the city. So, walking into a local café might be the best decision you’ll make when in a new city. My advice for travellers is to not be afraid and talk to people, as they are the ones who make the experiences in life truly memorable.