2014 in Snapshots

You might think… What is there so different about the 31st of December? It’s just a day and January 1st is going to be just another day. But in our calendars it marks a new year. Us people in general have a special relationship with anything and everything “new”; news story, new family member, new shoes, new degree, new job, new hair, and so on and so forth. It is tied to a change, sometimes unexpected and terrifying, yet still exciting, new.

In the new year we set goals, we make plans, we dream. But even if you are not the one to make resolutions, I believe December 31 is the time to reflect on the past year and appreciate all that’s happened to you. By checking things off the list and constantly moving we often forget to pause and evaluate how much we’ve accomplished and how many beautiful things happened to us. Humans feed off positive reinforcement. Then why do we deprive ourselves from it? Appreciation coming from our own heart through our brain and finally back to our heart is the best fuel for further milestones. So here are some of my favourite things of 2014:

January 1. The year started with a walk in our beautiful Burnaby Mountain park. Breathe. Reflect. Admire. Relax.


March 8. We rocked the International Women’s Day conference with the team! My very first ‘solo’ event planning experience. And I am forever grateful to Ro and Mic for believing in me during that interview, seeing what was right for me, and being so supportive throughout the year. You both are great leaders and I owe my decision to go into event planning to you!


April 24. We wrapped up an amazing year with YWiB SFU. The best team one could ever ask for. I’ve gained so much experience and tied myself endlessly with these lovely ladies. Forever a #ywibsister. This will be the highlight of my undergrad hands down.



June 9. Then there was New York, of course. The city that has this magic cupid ability that makes everyone fall in love with it. I will be back. And I will be back for longer.


June 14. But no place is like home. I was blessed to spend 1.5 months in my Moscow this year too. And for this, thank you, 2014.


July 17. Everybody needs a soul recovery. The recipe for mine has to include the beach and the sea. A beautiful country is a bonus too. Italy, you could not have done it better! Thank you.


We also celebrated some birthdays…


…and hiked some beautiful places in Vancouver…

IMG_5232Finally, let’s not forget the people who have made this year the one it’s been. There are so many in my life that it would be hard to include everyone in this post. But hey, you, you know who you are! Thank you for being awesome, being you, being great friends and inspiration. I love that I am surrounded by such an outstanding group of individuals. Seeing you grow makes me want to grow and makes me happy. I wish you everything you put your mind and work to to happen in the new year! And I’m always here for you like you are for me.

I’m stepping into 2015 with three semesters left of my undergrad, challenging work with a start-up, amazing friends, loving other half and so many new opportunities. Embrace the unknown!