Black and Simple

I am very much into black right now. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I could never wear black before. Me being a 5’2″ person looking slightly younger than I actually am (well, that’s a perk I guess) would just get lost in black clothing. But I’ve always loved it. Black is simple, strict and classic. It accentuates all the right things leaving an opportunity to dress an outfit up or down, to add a bit of personality. You can never go wrong with it (think Malevich, Black Square). And I can finally wear it without becoming invisible!

I suggest black for everyone. Even though it can get too dark with an ‘all black’ look, adding an accessory or denim (or both) will save the day.




Sweater: PLENTY // Necklace: ALDO // Jeans: ARMANI EXCHANGE // Boots: town shoes

Photos by Ilia Bykov.