Quick Quotes from TEDxSFU 2014

I was feeling nostalgic and look what I found going through one of my notebooks. Enjoy a few quotes from speakers at last year’s TEDxSFU. Some inspiration never hurt nobody!


How to turn your challenges into opportunities:

1) Shift Your Perspective. Every challenge we take on prepares us for the next one!

2) Find purpose for challenge.

3) Clarify what needs to happen to fulfill that purpose. You goals and dreams should line up with the purpose.

– Brent Seal, Founder of Seal Wellness

“You need to have positive conversations first!”

– Tamara Taggart, CTV News Anchor

“Our mind doesn’t let us pay attention to the present, yet happiness and satisfaction in life is in the mindfulness of the present moment.”

– Kasim Al-Mashat, Psychologist