5 Spots for Brunch in Vancouver

Event though we owe it to New York for inventing such a fabulous meal of the weekend – brunch, Vancouver is fast on catching up to the trend. Below you’ll find 5 brunch spots that I personally tried and liked so far. This post is not a paid endorsement. The order is also not based on my preference/quality etc, totally random!

1. Chambar

Chambar is probably the most famous Belgian restaurant in Vancouver, but they sure do have amazing brunch menu on the weekends as well.

Located a minute walk from Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station on Beatty St, Chambar is buzzing day and night, so make sure to arrive early to avoid lineups. Secret tip: they seem to not take reservations for brunch, but try calling in early morning on the day of and they might reserve a spot for you.

The time I went I decided to try their daily special omelette with spinach, tomatoes, balsamic baked little onions, and feta cheese. They also bake their amazing focaccia bread in-house – a must try!

2. Medina Cafe

Medina has officially become THE spot for brunch in Vancouver. One of the things I like about this place is that the owner participates in the daily life of the cafe. If you go there for brunch, he will probably be the one taking your name down, taking you to your seat and sometimes even serving you. Come early, there have been times when the wait went up to 2 hours.

Their food is pretty fancy, with my favourite dishes served in a pan. But my real reason for including Medina in this list are their Raspberry Lattes. I have not yet seen these served anywhere else and, man, they are amazing! I would recommend dropping by just to try them.

P.S. They recently moved and are now close to the corner of Richards x Robson.

3. Catch 122

Catch 122 is a relatively new spot on W Hastings but it sure is a catch. All of their brunch dishes are $12.

If you’re a sucker for great interiors, this is a spot for you as well: brick walls, wooden tables, low hanging lights above the bar area. Gastown perfection.

About the food… Being a lover of eggs benedict, this place did not disappoint. Try their signature “the catch 122” (smoked salmon bennies served on a croissant) or “duck prosciutto eggs benedict”.

Their mochas are also great. Yum.

4. Tangent Cafe

Located in the heart of Commercial Drive district, Tangent is hands down my favourite brunch spot. For the balance of price, quality and amount, they get an A+.

Everything they serve is delicious and I also enjoy home-style freshly brewed coffee. Be prepared to get up from the table stuffed and happy.

The patio on a sunny day is a treat as well.

5. Cafe Du Soleil

Now this one is easy to mix up with Cafe Deux Soleils, which is also on Commercial. I am not sure, they might be connected somehow. But the one I went to and loved was at 1393 Commercial Dr. It’s a tiny place, where you can sit on the patio and people watch on the Drive.

Du Soleil is vegetarian, but it does not make it any less delicious. I recommend eggs benedict here as well. The best part are their home baked hash browns, which are more like roasted potatoes in some awesome seasoning.


Leave a comment below if there are any places I have yet to try, would love to hear about them!

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Pictures in order of appearance in the post: Chambar, Medina Cafe, Tangent Cafe.