Declutter Your Space

Thanks to many changes that have been going on in my life (moving) decluttering have become necessary and I love it. In this post I’m going to share some tips that have helped me to declutter my spaces.


1. Desk 

Come up to your desk and look at it. How many things on there do you use on a daily basis?

  • a laptop
  • a lamp
  • a pen
  • a notebook
  • sticky notes
  • a few other things depending on what you do daily

All other things do not need to be on your desk! They are distracting and just collect dust. Things like extra paper and extra supplies can be stored away in your table drawers. They will still be easy to reach, but won’t take up space on your table. If the table now feels too empty (it happened to me before), place a photo frame or some flowers to freshen it up.

Now let’s talk about all the textbooks, courseware materials, papers, old notebooks and lecture notes that you still keep at the bottom of your table drawers. Get rid of them! Have you ever looked at them after that course has ended? I doubt it. Regardless, you will have them in a digital format for potential reference. I know it’s hard to throw away the work that you’ve done. That is why it is important to ask yourself: “Do I really need it? Will I ever use it again?” (psst, you won’t, you can always just google it).


2. Closet (clothes, shoes, accessories)

This is the toughest one. I love clothes. And I do get attached to a lot of my pieces. But that is where the problem really lies. We are too dependant on material things and we must fight this addiction. So here is how the closet decluttering works:

– Open or walk in to your closet and take everything out. Yes, everything. (You might want to allocate a free day to do it).

– Place all your stuff on your bed/floor.

– Start picking up. Each piece you pick up think:

  • does this still fit my style?
  • am I comfortable wearing this?
  • is it in good condition without any stains and/or tears?
  • is it the right size/shape/colour for me?
  • do I have other pieces in my closet that this goes well with?
  • is it different from all the other pieces in my closet?
  • have I worn this in the past year? 

– If the answers to those questions are honest NOs, throw away or donate those pieces! You will not (and should not) wear them again. You’ll be surprised how hard yet liberating this is!

It is crucial to do closet purging regularly. I try to do it at least once every four months, every season. Decluttering helps to keep my wardrobe fresh and relevant.


3. Make-up collection 

Us girls can be the biggest hoarders of make-up and beauty products. And I don’t think this is a good thing either. So, let’s walk up to our vanity or bathroom and start decluttering. The questions you are going to ask yourself are pretty similar to the closet:

  • am I using this powder/foundation/lipgloss etc.?
  • do I like it?
  • has it expired? (never use expired products)
  • does it fit my skin type and my skin tone?
  • does it make me break out?
  • have I used it in the past few months?

Get rid of all expired, unnecessary stuff! Feels lighter, doesn’t it?

4. Apartment

Your apartment is your biggest space and it needs decluttering too! It is full of other things that you don’t need. Go around your place and apply the same principles. Do I have too many plates, knives, glasses, towels? Do I use them or do they just take up space? Do I need all these shoe boxes? What do I need this thing for? Have I used this in the past months?


Finally, this might sound pretty obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Clutter will happen and the only way to prevent yourself from buying more unnecessary things is to always be mindful of your needs. Your actual needs, not wants. When you are in the store, same questions should run through your head. Declutter your mind and all your spaces regularly and you will feel more free and less attached to things, which is our ultimate goal!

I was inspired to share my ways by Mz. Cait: