Travel in Style

I don’t know about you, but usually when I visit a new city I’m walking my feet off for 12 hours straight! Comfort has always been key for me, but it especially is when traveling. You do want to look good for pictures though too, don’t you?

This outfit is a perfect marriage of comfy and smart casual. I paired a simple white shirt with jeans and a pair of runners. The material of the shirt is very soft – ideal for the whole day out and about. I like having a shirt on rather than anything else, because I can layer a tank or a T-shirt underneath it to stay warm or take it off if it’s getting hot out.

On my feet there is a pop of colour. Where else to have fun if not on your feet? These Nike roshe runners are super comfortable to walk in and they go well with not only yoga pants, but an outfit like that as well. Of course, backpack is your best travel companion. Throw all you need in there and walk hands free to take pictures!

Travel Often. Travel in Style.






Topshop Shirt // ZARA Jeans // RayBun SunnieS // Nike Roshe Runners // Forever21 Backpack

Photos by Ilia Bykov.