The Gift of Giving 2015

I wanted to write this quick post, just as a reminder for myself and all of us that it is our duty to do good in this world and that there are people who excel at it!

The world does get shaken after tragic events like the ones that happened a few weeks ago, but this should only reinforce us in being more human.

And humanity starts in your own community. This is why when Dani contacted me to be a part of #TheGiftofGiving2015 project, I immediately said ‘YES‘. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day and it is our duty to do so. Especially during the Christmas season.

More information about the project and how you can still get involved is below. (Copy by Dani)

#TheGiftofGiving2015 project is sponsoring gifts for the women in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver. We believe that these women deserve a wonderful, thoughtful gift this Christmas, not just discarded or unwanted gifts or products. We are so excited to be giving them a beautiful gift that they will feel special and loved when they receive it!

To Sponsor:


e-tranfers to Danielle –

More about the products included in this gift: 

The gifts will be purchased at wholesale which is why we are able to sponsor such a beautiful gift of Shea butter Hand cream, Holiday fig blossom body wash & Cozy warm socks for such a low price.
The price of the hand written card and wrapping is sponsored by the organizer. (No profits will be revived from the sponsoring of these gifts)

We will also be hosting a Champagne “Thank You” in December where each person involved will be invited to attend! We will be enjoying each others company with Christmas music, wrapping the gifts & writing in the cards!

Once all the gifts are wrapped and the cards are written in, we will also be delivering them to the Shelter.

P.S. You don’t have to be local to sponsor a gift!

Email Dani at for details or to sponsor a gift.

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