8 Things I’ve Learnt in 2015

Well, well, 2015 has been the most eventful, fast-paced and unpredictable year so far. I think I say this every year, but each new year just seems to bring more twists and turns.

When we dream of growing up in middle school (and I’m going to sound like your parents now), we have no idea how fast it actually is going to happen and how inevitable it is.

In your 20s years really start to fly by like they’ve been stung by a bee and you start wondering why. Let me give you my two cents on this.

Your 20s is the time where most of the changes in your life happen. You finish your college or university, start looking for your first ‘real’ job, have more serious and committed relationship(s), start thinking about your future family and life plans. All this is A LOT to handle. Yes, years do fly by fast, but they are also packed with events making you confused: “how much stuff can really fit in a year??” But this is the beauty of this age as well.

One friend of mine told me that between 20 and 30 you change as a person the most. We might think at 21, 22 that we are already fully formed as an individual, but oh how far we are from that. And I felt it this year in particular. It’s true that you never really stop growing and developing, but, boy, 20s are a pain, a beautiful pain. I think it’s important to realise that and take it all in.


photo by Ilia Bykov

Well now. To sum up some of my highs and lows this year here are a few things I’ve learnt and would like to share:

  1. Always trust your gut. And if your gut is confused, don’t play off of your emotions and make rushed decisions. Give it time.

  2. A very difficult period in a romantic relationship starts right between 2 and 3 years mark. Watch out and follow your heart. Remember, nothing is worth more than your happiness.

  3. Follow the people. Not the companies, not the industry, not the job title, the people. Good things happen when you do. Always.

  4. Cherish the true friendships you have and don’t chase after people who don’t matter.

  5. Experiences are priceless. Get everything out of anything that gets thrown your way and don’t be afraid to try.

  6. Never stop doing what makes you stay up all night. Even if it’s not your primary occupation, it’s good for your soul, for your happiness. And who knows, one day it might become all you do. Do what you love. (OK, but maybe don’t stay up all night every night)

  7. Take care of yourself. You are given one body to live in, so treat it right! Good food, good sleep, favourite kind of exercise (mine is dance)

  8. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to freak out and not have a plan. You’re human, so you should have emotions (by the way). Remember points #1, #3 and #5, and you’ll be fine.

One last thing I want to put out here is something a mentor said to me this year on my desperate question: “Is this how it’s gonna be now!?” She said: “Yes.  And it’s only the beginning.”. It really stuck with me. We really have only one life to live, so why hold ourselves back from opportunities and experiences? So I guess my motto for next year is to Enjoy the ride.