La Sicilia | Siracusa

My last post of the La Sicilia series is dedicated to the beautiful Siracusa. I’m sure you’ve heard about this city mostly from the Greek mythology and no wonder – it used to belong to Greece for a very long time until it became a part of Italy.


Out of all the towns I visited in Sicily (you can read about them here, here and here) Siracusa definitely had a different feel to it – a Greek feel if you wish. It amases by the overall color of the city. Siracusa is very white and beige compared to, for example, Catania, where the proximity to the volcano Etna took the streets and buildings to the darker side. They all are seemingly (and actually) covered in volcanic dust.

Siracusa, in contrast, is white and shiny, sometimes it feels even unreal. Well, see for yourself:

Another highlight of my day-trip to Siracusa was the proximity of the sea to the city. Well, the sea is literally in the city centre, just a staircase down away from you. Having grabbed an amazing fresh fruit/juice ice cream (like 4 of those) we spent a few hours on the little city beach before exploring some more and heading back to our host Catania.



Last thing I want to mention is the affordability and comfort of buses that can take you around Sicily. Buses were our primarily modes of transportation from city to city and those are awesome: comfortable, fast and with views for days.

I really enjoyed reminiscing about my Sicily trip. I keep coming back to it in my mind and would love to come to that heat, that water, that food, those people, those parties… again! #SeaSick