Coated in Caramel

This post features one of my favourite trends and now one of my favourite items in my wardrobe – an oversized coat.

This coat is special, because it is by a Russian brand and I always feel proud when I find unique, high quality designers with a story. Check them out at

I’m all for comfort when it comes to fashion. It’s true that unless you are comfortable in what you are wearing you shouldn’t be wearing it all. Blindly following trends will look plain awkward as you wont feel good in something you don’t like or can’t move in no matter how IN it might be right now.

This coat is a comfortable one, no joke. Made out of cashmere and wool blend, every time it’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket. That’s the reason I like the oversized type – it allows you to layer underneath and looks good with classic boots and Nike shoes alike. I was also very glad to find this gorgeous caramel colour to warm up my pale face at least a little bit.

The outfit underneath is 70s inspired. 70s have really been doing a comeback these past few seasons and suede is seen almost everywhere now: shirts, skirts, coats and boots. I love this suede skirt for the ability to hold the shape very well and just for an interesting texture and the whole throwback feel (I’m sure my mom owned one of these).

For this outfit I paired the skirt with a light leopard blouse for a contrast in weight and material. On my feet I’m just wearing simple black boots. Notice how they are quite tight on the leg. I always try to chose sleek boots to go with skirts for a put-together look.









osome2some Coat // H&M Blouse // Skirt – Stradivarius (one of my favourite brands ever, unfortunately, I don’t think North America has it) // Boots were a gift

Photos by Ilia Bykov.