Layered for Spring

In spring layering is your best friend. It may seem like summer when you can finally feel the heat from the sun on your skin, but don’t be fooled. Early mornings and nights are still pretty chilly.

For the case of spring, layering is awesome – it keeps you warm when needed and it’s also easy to take the jacket/scarf off under the sun or in the office if you need to cool down.

I particularly like this look for it’s universality: a walk, a dinner or even a night out in the bar – this look will work.

Firs of all, can we talk about the leather jacket. Probably one of the most favourite things in my closet, leather jacket is definitely a staple piece. Besides keeping you warm, it really is a statement that you can play around with. It always adds a rocker edge to anything you wear. But I like mine particularly for two reasons:

  1. It’s not black. If you look closely it is actually off-black with tones of brown, which makes it warmer and not as overpowering. I like to call the colour ‘petroleum’. Always down for something unique.
  2. It is tailored at the waist. Now this is just my personal preference. I love oversized style, but being small-framed accents on the waist just plain look better. I quite enjoy this detail as it also makes it easy to wear the jacket with jeans and skirts alike.

For this look I went with a monochrome theme (what a surprise): simple white tee tucked in the skinny black jeans – my all time favourites from topshop. For extra warmth, a pop of some colour and fun I added the scarf – absolutely love this pattern à la Burberry. And cannot live without scarves.

To top it all off – my favourite and so comfortable chunky booties from romwe – a reminder about that rocker edge once you get to the bottom of checking me out.

Stay edgy!









The Roster T-Shirt // Topshop jeans // Romwe booties // Brandy Melville necklace // scarf is somewhere from Asia // leather jacket is somewhere from Russia

Photos by Ilia Bykov.