On the Healing Power of Music

I’m sure you all will agree with me on the fact that music has a special place in each person’s heart. It is a nice background noise for some, a whole life for others; sometimes it is associated with a moment or time period in your life that you’ll never forget.

Put that song on and you’re back in grade 11 or on a plane to Sicily or walking down the street in New York.

Always – it is something personal, something special just to you.

But here I want to talk about the healing power of music – something that became so close to my heart over the past few months and something I’m so grateful for.

Music heals. I’ve always found myself wondering how is it every time I listen to a song it somehow relates to whatever is going on in my life at the moment? Yes, I might be listening to the song for the 126th time but was I pressing play unconsciously this time? Or does my shuffle know me so damn well?

I’ve done some thinking and it appears to be that music is just another friend that we come to to share our feelings with. It’s a very special friend. The one who would take our words and thoughts, reiterate them (often in a more articulate way) and reassure us that “everything is going to be ok”. It really is.

I guess the reason why songs are so powerful is actually pretty simple – they are written by people, real people just like me and you, so they are bound to be relatable. There is nothing in this world that some another person hasn’t already gone through. Hell, somewhere on this planet, someone is going through the exact same thing right now with you.

And we simply pay more attention to the words and the beats once we are in deep thought or looking for a meaning.

Thank you, weird human minds. Thank you, music.