Gowns and Waterfalls

Gowns are beautiful garments and I wish we could wear them more often. Sometimes I imagine living in medieval age – walking down the alleys and dancing around in gorgeous dresses… Because yes, that’s all they did back then. Obviously.

I had this one gown laying around for a while and thought it deserved to be taken out. I wanted to take it somewhere spectacular, somewhere it has never been before. Sure it might feel out of place, but the beauty is in the contrast, isn’t it?

We drove a little over an hour outside Vancouver on the road to Whistler until we reached Brandywine Provincial Park. The road to the bottom of the falls was challenging, but fun – going off track, exploring and risking life coming down the rocky slope –  one to remember. And no, I didn’t hike in the dress, but I sure did change into it balancing on a rock – anything for the photo.

I hope you enjoy the beauty that my friend Briana and I tried to create together with nature.

With every hike, every glance at the ocean or mountains I don’t stop being amazed at nature’s perfection and our beautiful British Columbia.


Photos by Briana Lee.