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Smile darling, you are beautiful.

What is there so attractive about minimalism?

I think it’s a freedom it provides with being who you want to be and not letting clothes (or anything else for that matter) to define you. When you are wearing a plain white T-shirt – there is nothing much more to it –  you are wearing a plain white shirt, yet at the same time you have the power to make it all you want it to be. By dressing it up with a necklace or a belt, tying it in a knot on your waist, tucking it in your skirt or letting it hang loose over your jeans – it’s all you!

Don’t get me wrong, I love interesting designs with prints, unique textures and styles, but sometimes plain white is all you need. It’s powerful, because it lets the real you shine. It’s powerful, because you can’t (and shouldn’t!) hide behind a piece of clothing. It’s so important to be comfortable just wearing that: a plain white T, just you.

Does this lead into me talking about why I decided to support The Roster? I think so. My friend, Taylor approached me a few months back with her new initiative. And it was just that – a plain whit T-shirt for her and a plain black one for him – clothing that lets the real you shine. 10% of sales for every shirt sold are donated to Taylor’s non-profit BeaYOUtiful; teaching young girls to learn to love themselves as they are and boost their confidence – a cause worth supporting.

Recently so many brands emerged, whose focus has become social responsibility or just a good cause (think Everlane or Citizen’s Mark) that seeing BC’s own brand with such an important message to be born is truly amazing.

Join The Roster with me.


Wearing The Roster T-Shirt.

Photos by the wonderful Ally Matos.