Accents: Pop of Colour

I was waiting for the forecasted snow to come back to our city to post this look, but spring is slowly taking over and I couldn’t be happier! This look will work any time of the year, because it really is about one concept – accents.

There are a few ways you can brighten up an outfit and an obvious one is colour. If you are monochromatic lover like myself, it might be a bit hard to push outside your comfort zone and try something different, that’s why adding a bright dominant colour is an easy and fun way to start!

This is really what fashion is for – if noone ever pushed, we would still be wearing long gowns and extravagant wigs. I encourage you to experiment with your style. Start small – by adding a pop of colour, a different texture or shape to your wardrobe you’ll see how your style evolves and garments play off of each other. It’s way more fun that way!

For this outfit I chose to “shock” the black and grey look with a bold purple scarf. It works really well against the white snow or the usual grey landscape we often see while winter transitions into spring.

I like to wrap a scarf around my neck a few times to give it bulky texture. This technique accomplishes two things: keeping you warm and adding another fun texture to the look!





EVERNEW Coat // any bright scarf you can find (this one was a gift) 🙂

Photos by AK.