Heat Wave Tulle

Heat wave (or more like a heat ocean) has been present in Vancouver for a while now. We’re not complaining, but surviving in this heat is a tricky business. This post is all about an outfit that will make the heat bearable and enjoyable AND won’t make you freeze in an air conditioned space.

Summer Layers

Surprisingly, summer is no different from all other seasons in a sense that layers still work to beat the heat! You just have to be careful what kind of layers you’re using, namely what kind of materials.

Tulle has become my favorite this season! It is super light weight and has to come in layers, because this fabric is very very thin.

Take this skirt: the light layers blow in the wind nicely, creating a skirt-fan (this is a word in thesaurus now, btw) for your legs when you’re out and about, but also keep your legs nice and warm in a grocery store or a restaurant.

Always in summer I also take a jacket to throw on with me. In this case I opted out for a light blue jean jacket to balance out the feminine tulle and to keep me warm at night and inside with air conditioning.

Tulle Midi Skirt

Besides being super light-weight, this skirt is also a great length.

People are often surprised to learn that I’m a small girl (I’m 5’2″). I hear: “Wow, you looked taller in pictures!” all the time haha! It is challenging to pull off anything below the knee for me, not even talking about a maxi dress. But somehow this skirt seems to work. I think it’s due to the puffy quality of the tulle. Its layers are light and fluffy, not weighing the bottom half of your body down but “lifting it up” in a way. So, all my miniature girls – tulle is for you!

How could we forget about the shoes. Easily my guilty pleasure and the most favorite part of any outfit. For this romantic look I went with a pair of comfortable and pretty heels, but you could go with cute pink, white or nude flats or sandals or even a pair of feminine sneakers as well.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!




Tulle skirt – a gift from mommy // Garage tank-top // H&M jean jacket // Vince Camuto sandals from Nordstrom Rack // Necklace – a gift from grandma!

Photos by Natalia.