Dressed Up Comfort

Dress up or be comfortable? Why do we have to choose?

The answer is, we don’t. You can easily look more put together and still feel like you’re wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. The key is in the types of pieces ( e.g. skirt vs pants) and the materials (e.g. modal vs rough cotton) that you choose.

This outfit is really cozy, yet can be considered dressy. I think the trick is in the skirt and hat. Opt out for jeans or dark wash pants and swap hat for a toque – and you have yourself a more casual “running errands” outfit.

Comfortable dressy is probably my favorite way to dress. Comfort comes from the materials. Here I’m wearing a soft cotton sweater, an even softer blend of polyester, modal, nylon and viscose cardigan and a stretchy skirt of similar materials blend.

Throw on some stockings, high boots and a hat, and voila, you’re dressed up for a dinner date or a nice walk.

Don’t neglect the role of colors in making you feel more comfortable. I like earthy tones in outfits, because they make you feel warm and cozy. Like caramel, caramel colored cardigans and coats wrap you in this sweet and safe feeling.

Lastly, every girl knows this trick: curl your hair and you immediately look like you put more effort in dressing up 😉



LOFT sweater // Oak & Fort cardigan // Stella McCartney thrifted skirt // Carlo Pazolini boots

Photos by AK.