Silk & Leather in Vancouver

Mixing of materials remains my favorite thing in dressing. In this post we’ll look at silk and leather… and how they can play together.

It’s almost the end of January and we’re braving through yet another winter, brrr. I can’t complain – Vancouver winters are quite mild and temperatures float around +4 / +10 C, but with the rain and overall moisture the cold still gets through the bones.

Looking forward to the warmer days to come, I wanted to share another outfit we shot together with the West Coast Chic boutique.

Everyone probably has a default style they like to turn to: something that is comfortable, feels like second skin and is just a no brainer to pull off.

For me, jeans and a leather jacket is one of those outfits. It’s simple, but not boring and dressy enough for a day around town or a night out.

For this outfit, ladies from Jam PR picked out a silk blouse that is a loose fit, so you can indulge in that Dine Out Vancouver dinner guilt-free (I’ve only went to one restaurant so far, but really loved it! Cuchillo in Railtown – recommend).

The criss-cross strings at the front add a playful detail – you don’t even need a necklace.

The light blouse is perfectly paired with ripped jeans with stud detailing and a badass leather jacket; as always, contrast makes wonders and I’m a big fan.

To top it all off – an awesome wool hat, which means that with a cardigan or a sweater this outfit might be just perfect to wear right now; and, on my feet are these awesome studded cowboy-like boots – comfortable and chic.


Everything West Coast Chic // House of Tresse hair extensions

Shot in collaboration with Jam PR.