This Vessi Life

Hey Vancouver, we’ve been blessed with a sunny spring, but you can never be too prepared, right? How to stay dry + look cute for when it rains or not? Vessi is the answer!

I’ve been loving my Vessis for a few months now and feel too confident in my love to not share it. Vessi is a local Vancouver breakthrough that came out with sneakers that are:

∇ waterproof

∇ breathable

∇ warm

∇ comfortable

∇ vegan

∇ aand CUTE!

I personally can’t stand the look and feel of rain boots and as you can imagine have always been struggling with staying dry in Vancouver… hence why I was so excited when I was gifted Vessis. They have already made a huge splash (no pun intended. maybe.) in the city – I see the sneakers everywhere, because they really do work + look good. Checkout me bathing them in English Bay on my Instagram.

I find Vessi quite versatile – they can look cute as a part of an athleisure/more casual outfit as well as go just as fine with more of a smart/business casual look (think longer coats or even skirts/dresses). I’ve also enjoyed them during winter + at the gym as they keep your feet warm, yet not sweaty! I’m excited to try them out without socks this spring and summer too.

Pro tip: I’m usually a size 5/5.5, but Vessi 6 fits awesome!

If I were to pick, the one downside with Vessi is that they are short, so you still risk getting your ankles a bit wet in a downpour. They do sit pretty snug though, so I haven’t had that happen to me!

Who knows, maybe Vessi will come out with a taller sneaker or a cute boot soon – definitely a local company worth keeping an eye on! They’re already springing forward with 5 new styles shipping in May 2019 – you can pre-order new styles here. 100% recommend.

Pssst. I also have a discount code for you – use SASH_RU10 at checkout for 10% off.