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Single vs. In a Relationship

Be in a relationship in your twenties or stay single? I know for a fact that this question crosses every twenty-something mind daily. And mine is not an exception.

Spring Is Here

There is something so special about the time when you start feeling that spring is coming…

How YWiB and IWD Changed My Life

I first joined YWiB in 2012 as a member and fell in love with the organization at once. Being a woman in the business world is still not as easy as it might… Continue reading

I Get Excited When I Give

I get excited when I give. A very special person’s birthday was coming up and all I could think of is “how would I make this day special?”, “how would i make it… Continue reading

2013 Recap

Another year is coming to an end. And I have to say that 2013 has been the most rich, random, new year of my life yet. And I’d have to say it was… Continue reading

Take Me Back in Time

Why do people love going back and looking at pictures they took weeks, months, years ago? They help us relive those moments where we were happy, moments we treasured and that is why… Continue reading

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