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This Vessi Life

Hey Vancouver, we’ve been blessed with a sunny spring, but you can never be too prepared, right? How to stay dry + look cute for when it rains or not? Vessi is the… Continue reading

Cool Gypsy Vibes in Shirt with Embroidery

It smells like spring in the air, even though Vancouver is still very cold and windy. Soul is begging for more sun, fun and warm colors: rose, coral, peach, pink, red (even if… Continue reading

Pastels & White Jeans

For a clumsy person like me pastels and whites are not ideal clothing colors to wear… But I still love them!

Winter Blues

How to style bright and patterned bomber.

Bundled Up for Winter

We’ve been seeing our thermometers going below¬†zero and this weird white stuff falling from the sky… I did it. I brought winter to Vancouver, guys! To survive the cold, layering and naturally warm… Continue reading

Denim Love

I’ve been feeling the era of denim, prints and just all around 90s vibes lately… So here’s my twist on the old and favourite.

Airy White

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Join The Roster

Smile darling, you are beautiful.

Gowns and Waterfalls

Gowns are beautiful garments and I wish we could wear them more often. Sometimes I imagine living in medieval age – walking down the alleys and dancing around in gorgeous dresses… Because yes,… Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Vegetarianism

Thoughts on vegetarianism and how life is still hard for vegetarians. Bonus 3 yummy spots for vegetarians in Vancouver.

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