Thoughts on Destiny


Do you ever think about destiny or something that is meant to be?

In my thoughts I wander in this direction pretty often.. I moved to Canada when I was 17, a confused kid thrown out into the world across the ocean from everything i’ve grown up with and was used to for the most of my life. I’m not complaining at all, just giving you a perspective.

Why did it have to be Canada? Why not Australia or England, or even the United States (other options me and my family had)?

Canada seemed to be a justified decision. It was less expensive than England or USA, closer to home than Australia; and Vancouver is a safe and beautiful place to live. Finally, Communications program in the University I’m going to was a big deciding factor.

Almost anything in this life a person can justify in one way or another. And I am not the one who believes in destiny entirely. But I still think that there is more to our lives than we can explain with our humble mind. Yes, life is a result of our thoughts, analysis and heavily weighted out decisions, but there is a huge place for coincidences as well. Or are they coincidences?

Take for example the story of how me and my boyfriend met. Starting from the fact that we are both Russians (from different cities) that came to Vancouver at different times, but with the same purpose in mind. And the reasons to leave our home country were pretty similar as well. We just ended up in the same space. We met at work, at a place where I did not even want to work at first, but took the offer just to see where it could lead. And we could’ve been anywhere. In Australia, in Russia, at a different school. Coincidence or was it meant to be? Go figure…

When you start to think about opportunities and things that happen to you in your life is it always based on careful decisions and always goes as planned? It actually never does. And it’s the beauty of it. The best experiences I’ve had and those from which I’ve grown the most were the unplanned, spontaneous ones. A conversation with a friend I bumped into on a train, a risk that I was not afraid to take, an extra step that I was willing to go, and simply just saying YES to more things! But destiny, or whatever you want to call it doesn’t just happen without taking action. Create your own destiny: observe what life puts in front of you, be curios, pay attention, listen to your intuition. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, because everything happens for a reason…

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