Bundled Up for Winter

We’ve been seeing our thermometers going below zero and this weird white stuff falling from the sky… I did it. I brought winter to Vancouver, guys! To survive the cold, layering and naturally warm materials is the answer.

Lets start from outerwear.

I swear by warm and cozy scarfs in the winter – protect your throat! This amazing scarf is soft and huge as a blanket – wrap yourself up and go. The wool and cashmere coat is basically another blanket for your body. I like this over-sized one as it allows layering underneath without becoming hard to move in. I’m all about comfort and in the winter months you need it most.

Fashion goes around in loops. And this season another trend from the past made an appearance – velvet. Velvet for me associates with something festive and dressy, but there is no reason why you can’t wear it day-to day.

For the outfit underneath I paired burgundy velvet skirt with black tights and booties to tone down the dressiness of velvet and keep warm. I really like skirts with soft and warm tights for winter – instant coziness, it’s as close as you can get to wearing you fleece pyjamas to work!

The warm colored yellow sweater is wool too, getting points for being bright and warm. I threw on a hand-made glass statement necklace.  Its colours play well with the rest of the outfit.





osome2some coat // Exposure scarf // Topshop sweater and skirt//  Via Spiga booties from Nordstrom // glass necklace -a gift from Georgia

Photos by Stephanie.